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I highly recommend Coach Kelly! Coach Kelly is an Ironman athlete, 2x Alaskaman finisher, wife, mother, former college instructor, Dr of Physical Therapy, and USAT certificated Triathlon Coach. Clearly a fantastic resource of knowledge AND experience in endurance sports, she shares the passion and perspective of her athletes, which enables to her relate to her athletes and create truly customized training plans. 

I have been running, swimming, and cycling for years. I consulted with Coach Kelly in 2016, halfway through a marathon training block during which I was on verge of burn out, mentally exhausted, and I had poor nutrition habits. Coach Kelly asked a lot of questions and truly listened to what I laid out in terms of my habits, strengths, limiters, schedule, goals, and motivations. She totally restructured my run workouts, added strength training workouts which I needed, and made nutrition and hydration recommendations. Coach Kelly’s new plan suited my needs wonderfully and totally changed the game for me! I was able to regroup and get back on track, and complete my marathon with a 13-minute PR! Sold! 

I know that Coach Kelly truly listens to what her athletes need so of course, I hired her again to help me tackle my first 50k trail race in 2019!